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Assalamu'alikum Wr . Wb .

Pound on Thursday , August 8, 1991 at 12:00 pm in Jakarta . Born baby boy is mine , with a weight of 3.5 kg and height 50 cm . Name given by my parents , which is very nice by the name of " Agus Wirawanto Putro " . Understandably my parents so my name from Java to Java - Jawaan bit . Tp I am proud to have that name because I was born in August so my parents gave me the name and diselah agus - Shelah my name there is also the name of my parents . I was born from a simple family , I am the second of three brothers . My sister and my brother male women - men .

every man all have both positive and negative as well as myself . If the assessment of myself , in terms of the positive nature of the things that I could say that someone is responsible , it is not easily angered , patient and loyal . While in terms of the negative nature of things that I am quite selfish , likes to make other people easily annoyed and sleep anywhere . I have a hobby of playing football ( futsal ) and listening to music .

Story of my life journey is very happy because a lot of people - people who love and care about me , especially my parents who always accompany the day - my day . The prayers he up to now I am still in good health , I also do not forget to run the prayers and pray for me , both parents and people - the people I love . I am very grateful to my parents who have raised me and gave me the education to be able to continue their education to a higher level is college .
First I had attended kindergarten - kindergarten child exactly in Annur , childhood - childhood is quite pleasant . Then I go to the elementary school at SDN 1 officer for 6 years in elementary school a lot of memories that can not be forgotten by friends , no love and grief . Since elementary school I like to listen to the song - the song Sheila ON7 even now I collect albums . At that time me and a friend - a friend was inspired by the band so we made ​​a band with the name PLAMM AN7 ( Pras Lana Arif Munif Madin Agus Nandang ) the intent of that name was the name of the seven of us to be easy to remember and be remembered . Although our band broke up but we still have a solid friendship and remain menjali silahtuhrahmi to date . I have 6 years in elementary school and eventually graduated with a fairly satisfactory
After that I continued kejenjang Junior High School junior is in Seroja for 3 years and the times I was a teenager and had many friends . At that moment I experienced a lot of memories that can not be forgotten by friends until I finally graduated . Then further High School is in Hope Park High School for 3 years , during this time I have started to grow up so that they can choose the courses I am able to or want. In the end I went into science majors , if the see - saw from junior high through high school I went to private but I remain grateful and proud to have entered science majors . In the end I was passed on a tender in 2009 . I will never forget for services and science teachers who have taught my time in elementary , junior high , or high school . All very useful and valuable for me .

Then by the time I graduated high school my intention to please my parents , trying to find a job . Within a year I have participated in various tests at several institutions and other institutions . And in the end all that I live to fail , but I 'm sure it was just a failure of delayed and yet my sustenance . Make all the experience in working and we need to know that the work is not easy or easy all it takes prayer , effort and process . Once I feel confident I fail failure is the beginning of a success .

And I think with the spirit to continue my education kejenjang who is studying at the higher " Gunadarma University " Thank God that I still live well , and until now it has entered the 6th semester in class 3KB05 with NMP 29,110,596 . And taking with the Department of Computer Science Faculty Computer system S1 . Here I learned to be more mature further in life and a lot of lessons or knowledge I can . I continue with my college friends had more more besides in elementary , junior high , or high school . Lecturers and friends this campus are all friendly and good , in college I 've lived here for about 3 years with my friends to do the learning activities , chores together and the streets when time off . May we all " PASS " with a pretty good GPA and hopefully what we all desire is reached , we went to college together keluarpun we must also equally . amen
 In this life I shall have my life principle is to always try and always pray to embody the ideals that I want, I believe , and always optimistic that this all behind Almighty GOD has other plans . Until now I have a goal I still want to achieve the success that is so , my parents happy and happy people I love and care about . I feel sad until now I realize that I have not been able to give something that can be proud and happy my parents , maybe someday I will be able to make it happen . amen
Before the story is a simple story of my lid , I would like to say many - many thanks to family , lovers and friends who have helped and I support that , either in the form of material and moral so that all may go well .
A few stories I created this simple story , may be useful and can inspire those who read , if there are any words that beg pardon . Thank you .

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr . Wb .

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