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How to Make Posts in English ( 3 posts )

How to Make Posts in English with Good ? - Did you know that there are two important pillars that must be mastered when trying to master the English language ( and all languages ​​in general ) ? Yup ! Guesses right , speaking and writing. If you are experiencing significant difficulties when will make writing in English , for example, construct a new two- sentence alone makes you a headache , it does not mean you are not able to write . The problem is you just have not met the person who tells you how to easily make posts in English . Trust me , writing is a skill that can be mastered in a way that is much simpler than you ever imagined .

Let us consider for a moment your thoughts during the first school . Remember the times when you have to make writings in English or your first language . Is your posts commented on by your teacher ? Perhaps your teacher said : " You should not write this way . You should use a better language " . And how often have you assigned to make writing on topics that you think are extremely boring ?

If you analyze your school days , you will begin to realize that you have long been led to believe that writing is a special skill . To be able to make good writing , you have to use formal language and literal . And today is your lucky day to have found this article that will reveal the secrets and tips to make writing in the English language quality .

1 . Change the way you think about writing

To be able to make posts in English , stop thinking that writing is a masterpiece or something that will be examined with full accuracy either by your teacher or someone else . Think more simple . When you make posts in English , your writing should contain clear descriptions about the topics you raise . Just a point.

You also should not complicate yourself using complicated language and sentences that are too long . Do not get confused by thinking that you are native English speakers will give a bad judgment on your writing if you use the words or sentences that are simple and commonly heard.

2 . Speak first and then write

Already did you know that it takes about 600 milliseconds before the contents of your mind then diverbalisasikan by your mouth ? Making it faster for you to express your thoughts verbally rather than in writing . When we think , we are not creating sentences that clearly formulated . We only have a number of concepts that they are abstract . You have to create content that is meaningful to speak English before starting to make writing in English . That is, you should speak first and then write .

3 . Write the outline in the form of short bullet points

Menulislah as you speak . Pour your ideas in the form of essence or writing frame by at least five points only . You are not going to jump from one subject to another subject because you already have the main points that have been consecutively. Outlining before starting to make writing in English also allows you to make additional substances in your writing .

4 . Create a concept
The concept or the development of a writing frame is very urgent if you want to make writing in English . Menulislah framework and develop your writing quickly . In this phase , you do not have to think long . Write down ideas that come to mind . Remember to keep referring to the outline . This phase is not the phase of thinking is wrong and right but keep writing and developing your ideas .
One important thing is , it's easier for us to correct an incomplete draft text . How many people are trying to write then stop after one or two paragraphs because running out of words or because we are not able to maintain the consistency of the idea in their brains .

5 . Time correcting your writing concept
In order to make your way to writing in English is getting closer to the goal , read the above concept with a loud voice . You will be surprised or even laugh when it finds a word or phrase that was less fit or less fit in the sentence that you make when writing . Do not rush - rush ! Examine carefully .

After reading the five points above , you are expected to no longer feel difficulty when making writing in good English . We hope you develop a sense of optimism in creating useful writings . If the article How to Make Posts in English with Good ? The benefit to you , do not forget to share with your friends by pressing the share button on Twitter or Facebook below .

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